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Stock Shortages Continue...


If you were clinging onto the hope that the everlasting stock issues surrounding gaming hardware would ease by July as AMD originally indicated, you might want to take a deep breath because analysts now predict it could take at least another year, if not more, before we can get our hands on the best graphics card and best gaming CPU once again.

We’re currently in a perfect storm of inflated demand driven ever higher by gamers during lockdown, a lucrative hustle from scalpers, and interest in new GPUs from crypto miners, combined with a slow response from the semiconductor industry that lacks the resources to adjust capacity. In turn, lead times are extended to give foundries ample room to fulfil orders, leaving stock few and far between.

According to J.P. Morgan analyst Harlan Sur, via MarketWatch, demand is currently between 10% and 30% greater than the current output, which could take up to a year for foundries to catch up to. After that, it could take an additional three to six months to replenish distribution channels, getting the products into the hands of chipmakers like Intel, AMD, and Nvidia.

To put this in perspective, Hardware Times reports that AIB partners (third-parties like Gigabyte, Asus, MSI, etc.) are currently receiving fewer than 20 units of Nvidia RTX 3080 graphics cards per country in the South Asian region, with a slight uptick at the end of February. China is the only exception with around 100 units this month, but miners and those with a bit of influence are likely to snap them up directly from the factory, as the remainder carry an inflated price tag for the consumer. SOURCED FROM:


During a call, Nvidia didn’t speak much about the ongoing RTX 3000 graphics card shortage and when PC consumers might see some relief. The company merely indicated that demand for the products continues to outstrip supplies.

Scalpers have sold close to 50,000 Nvidia RTX 3000 graphics cards on eBay and sneaker site StockX, often at double the normal pricing, according to new analysis.

It’s no secret the RTX 3000 graphics cards are getting resold at insane prices. However, a Chicago-based data engineer named Michael Driscoll has been tracking sales on eBay using a computer script to understand the full scope of the scalping.

On Tuesday, he provided an update on the RTX 3000 sales after previously reporting scalpers had sold 15,224 units on eBay back in early December. The number has since shot up to 39,064 units across all RTX models from the 3060 Ti to 3090.


Between a lack of GPUs, supply chain issues caused by COVID, scalpers, new consoles, crypto miners and the entire semiconductor industry buckling under the pressure... graphics cards are nigh impossible to find. According to JP Morgan analyst Harlan Sur, the demand for GPUs is 10-30% greater than the output -- as in, how many cards are being made.

It's going to take foundries like TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.) to make millions more GPUs so that millions of graphics cards can be sold. It would take 3-6 months to fill distribution channels according to Sur, getting chips into the hands of AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA -- so that gamers, months after, can buy them -- finally.



As you can see, I am not the only one effected. It's a worldwide stock shortage problem. I did speak personally with MSI recently, and they are saying June is when cards will be readily available. However after doing some digging up online it's not looking good. Rest assured, that I have back orders placed with my supplier, as soon as the stock arrives it will be shipped out. I am also praying that there are no more price increases due to market volatility and import taxes. I please ask my loyal customers to stay the course, the Graphics Cards are coming! Please also remember that customers who have ordered a complete system have higher priority over ordering products on their own. If you have any questions please feel free to email me at


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