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‘Disable iMessages’ ASAP to avoid crypto zero-day exploit

Trust Wallet, a popular crypto wallet provider, has issued a warning to Apple users regarding a potential zero-day exploit affecting iMessage. The company advises users to disable iMessage due to "credible intel" suggesting the existence of this exploit, which could allow hackers to seize control of iPhones.

In a post on X at 7:53 pm UTC on April 16, Trust Wallet alerted iOS users about the high-risk nature of this exploit, emphasizing that it can compromise iPhones without requiring users to click on any links. According to the company, individuals with high-value accounts are particularly vulnerable to this threat.

A zero-day exploit refers to a cyberattack method that leverages an undisclosed or unpatched security flaw in software, hardware, or firmware.

Trust Wallet CEO Eowyn Chen shared a screenshot of what she claims to be the exploit, which is being offered for sale at $2 million on the Dark Web. However, some industry observers have expressed skepticism about the severity of the threat.

Despite Trust Wallet's warning, there are concerns that the alert could cause undue panic. Pseudonymous blockchain researcher Beau criticized the company's evidence, suggesting that it lacks concrete proof of an iOS exploit.

Trust Wallet's alert garnered significant attention, with over 1.2 million X users viewing the warning within the first four hours. The company later clarified that its information came from its security team and partners who regularly monitor for potential threats.

Cointelegraph reached out to Apple for comment but has not received a response yet. This warning coincides with Apple's recent release of emergency security updates to address two zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS that were exploited in attacks last month.

Apple's iMessage has previously been targeted by hackers as an attack vector, according to security researchers at Kaspersky. Additionally, cybersecurity firm Halborn has claimed that over 280 blockchain networks are at risk of zero-day exploits, potentially putting over $25 billion worth of crypto assets in jeopardy.

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