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Umart and PCBYTE Merging?

Customers have received an email from Umart stating: "This is a friendly reminder to let you know that your PCByte account will be migrated to Umart Online on or about 27 September 2023. Umart Online is Australia’s No.1 Computer shop that has been in business for 23 years.

Why is this transition happening? PCByte and Umart Online have agreed to migrate PCByte’s customers to Umart Online as part of its strategy to focus on core services. Founded in 1999, Umart Online has over 20 locations across Australia and offers additional benefits to save customers’ time and money.

You don’t need to do anything right now After migration, you will receive an email confirmation, then you can access and shop at the Umart Online website."

Earlier in the year MSY was taken over by Umart too. We wonder how many more will follow? What are your thoughts? Comment below.

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