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Standing the PS5 Vertically Could Cause Permanent Damage

A recent report reveals that the PS5 suffers from an apparent design flaw that can lead to permanent damage when users leave it standing upright.

PlayStation 5 users are advised not to stand their console upright, as doing so may cause permanent damage to the system’s hardware. This is reportedly due to a design flaw related to the cooling system for the PlayStation 5’s Accelerated Processing Unit.

Sony launched the PlayStation 5 in November 2020, though supply chain issues meant it was a while before many fans could get their hands on it. While it falls a little behind the Xbox Series X in GPU and storage, both offer similar performance. The PS5’s unique design also makes it stand out from the grey monolith of the Xbox Series X. Sony and Microsoft also both designed their consoles to stand up vertically, and the machines are often shown that way in promotional media.

However, doing so with the PS5 may be a bad idea, according to a report on This is due to an apparent design flaw related to the liquid metal layer between the PlayStation 5’s APU chip and heat sink. The liquid metal is prone to leaking when the PS5 is left sitting upright for an extended period. When users stand the PS5 vertically, liquid metal may start to move or seep out. This inhibits the console’s ability to manage the heat coming off its APU, potentially damaging the processor. The liquid metal can also drip onto other sensitive components, causing a short circuit. This problem exists on both versions of the PS5.

The defect seems to have been discovered by a console repairman who goes by TheCod3r on YouTube. He released a video about the PS5’s defect three months ago, and other technicians have noticed similar problems with Sony’s latest console. While not every PlayStation 5 is guaranteed to suffer from this defect, it is a risk for every user who leaves their console standing upright, so it may be a good idea to lay it on its side just in case. SOURCE:

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