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Server is ONLINE!

OUR SERVER IS NOW ONLINE AS OF 26-12-2023! Please bare with us as scripts are to be added and tested! We are looking to make this the BEST Grand Theft Auto 5 Australian Roleplay Server! In the mean time we are looking for Admins & Scripters! If you're interested please send us an email to and let us know what role you would be interested in.

TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE THIS THE BEST! Things to be added, but not limited to at the moment are; -Voice System

-Character Customization

-Custom Server Icon

-Custom Banner

-Custom loading background

-Money system

-HUD with microphone distance

-Public garages, where people can put their cars.

-A car dealership with lots of real cars

-Hunger, thirst bar and stamina system

-Admin menu with duty

-Shops system, where players can buy food, water, possibly medication

-3 Weapon shops

-Custom Car deletion system

-Car Fuel System, Fuel stations where players can refuel their cars.

-Shop robbery

-ATM robbery

-Bank system

-Yacht robbery

-Boat rent

-Clothes stores

-Mask shops

-Custom Phone


-Factions and Gang System

-Car Dealership system

-Weapon Crafting at Secret locations

-Seized Car Place

-Faction, Job, Gang Interaction.

And many more.

We will keep you updated as soon as we can!

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