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Ookla Reaches 50 Billion Speed Tests!

In today’s landscape, the number of Speedtest results has surged past 50 billion, and the worldwide averages for mobile and fixed broadband download speeds stand at 47.81 Mbps and 85.06 Mbps, respectively. The company further highlighted that it is evident the internet has undergone significant transformations since the inception of Speedtest.

Speeds have seen remarkable enhancements with the advent of technologies like 5G, and an ever-increasing number of individuals worldwide have gained access to the internet. This growth underscores the evolving nature of the digital landscape.

Announcing the milestone, Ookla posted:

Speedtest has always been about the people. From its humble beginnings as a side project, has evolved into a global brand with a comprehensive suite of apps. What started as a tool for a select group of gamers to test their ping has grown into a resource utilized by millions, including one superhero, to diagnose and measure internet connectivity worldwide.

The anonymized data generated by Speedtest now powers internet service providers, mobile operators, governments, and NGOs, providing them with the crucial information needed to enhance internet connectivity for all. This accomplishment is a testament to all of you. Your collective efforts have propelled us to achieve over 50 billion Speedtest results. Thank you!

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