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Nvidia Kills GeForce Experience, Unveils New 'Nvidia' App

Credit: Nvidia

Nvidia is looking to consolidate its somewhat disjointed software suite for gamers and creators with a new Nvidia app that acts as a software hub. The company has done away with GeForce Experience, as the new app offers the same functionality but in a revamped interface. It's currently in beta and is free to download and try if you're curious. Possibly the best news is that, unlike GeForce Experience, you don't need an account to run the new app, an annoyance with the previous software.

The new app is unlikely to blow anyone's hair back, but it does provide a handy consolidation of most of the features Nvidia gamers rely on in one location. For example, it lets you choose whether to use Nvidia's recommended settings for games you have installed, just like GeForce Experience did, while adding two new (to us at least) AI-driven features: RTX Dynamic Vibrance and RTX HDR. It also offers a more detailed overlay, which is customizable and provides on-screen details about your system's performance. You can customize the location of the overlay and change its attributes, so maybe some people will ditch MSI Afterburner in favor of this now.

The new overlay seems to be taking on MSI Afterburner, and is quite customizable. Credit: Nvidia

The "home" screen of the app is pretty straightforward, as it shows your installed apps and games along with a "discover" section to show you what else Nvidia offers. Overall, it resembles GeForce Experience in look and feel but lets you quickly select a game on the left side of the window and then customize its settings according to Nvidia's recommendations. You can also click on the "drivers" tab to update your drivers or dive into settings for ShadowPlay and the on-screen overlay. There's also a link to the Nvidia Control Panel, which amazingly still exists despite the "all-in-one" design of the Nvidia app, but its days are numbered as you can now fine-tune game and driver settings from the new app.

The Nvidia app is pretty slick, but like GeForce Experience, it's not something you'll be messing with daily. You can quickly adjust the settings for ShadowPlay and the overlay as you like or tweak a game's settings and leave it as-is until you change your mind or want something different. We appreciate not having to log into it, though, which likely kept some users from ever trying GeForce Experience.

The new AI-powered features also seem useful, but we haven't tested them yet. Of the two, RTX HDR seems like a pretty big deal as it adds HDR to SDR games if you have an HDR-compatible display. It was predicted Nvidia was working on this technology previously, so it is now confirmed and seems like one of the most important updates in the new app.

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