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Intel 14th gen line-up confirmed!

What was already a reliable data leak has finally been confirmed by none other than Intel themselves as we have a closer look at their 14th gen CPU plans.

The Intel 14th gen release date conversation has been slowly building in recent months, and it appears that an official announcement is due next week. Ahead of the Raptor Lake refresh, Intel has sent out a document to partners detailing a packaging update but, in the process, confirmed the upcoming slate of its 14th gen CPUs.

This report states changes to the packaging, introducing a new type of ‘tray’ that will enhance the security and protection of Intel CPUs while in transit. As exciting as this is, the bigger news came from the list of products impacted by this change, as the new and unreleased 14th gen chips are featured at the very bottom.

While there were no shocking revelations uncovered in the product lineup, it was notable that the Intel Core i9 14900KS was nowhere to be found. However, due to this chip being reserved for possible release in early 2024, it makes sense that it would be absent for the time being.

Early benchmarks show that the Intel Core i9 14900KF is the fastest single-core CPU, overtaking its 13th gen counterpart, the i9 13900KS. In a sneakier leak of performance data, the Intel Core i7 14700K fell into the hands of a Chinese tech reviewer who was able to showcase the power of this 20-core CPU. Alongside the performance improvements also came a big surge in power. This should ring alarm bells for anyone who thought they might be in need of a PSU upgrade before the 14th gen release, as it all but confirms the need to level up your power.


So, thanks to this list, we now know what the whole range of next-gen desktop chips (that’ll be vying to get on our list of the best processors) will be. Namely, this little lot:

  • Core i9-14900K

  • Core i9-14900KF

  • Core i9-14900

  • Core i9-14900F

  • Core i9-14900T

  • Core i7-14700K

  • Core i7-14700KF

  • Core i7-14700

  • Core i7-14700F

  • Core i7-14700T

  • Core i5-14600K

  • Core i5-14600KF

  • Core i5-14600

  • Core i5-14600T

  • Core i5-14500

  • Core i5-14500T

  • Core i5-14400

  • Core i5-14400F

  • Core i5-14400T

  • Core i3-14100

  • Core i3-14100F

  • Core i3-14100T

As you can see, there are a bunch of variations on each chip, with the ‘K’ models being unlocked, meaning they can be overclocked (other processors can’t).

The ‘F’ denotes a version of a CPU without integrated graphics (saving you a bit of money if you don’t need that capability), and the ‘T’ means it’s a power-efficient chip (lower power usage, but also lesser performance – typically used in all-in-one PCs, for example, or wherever space is tight and cooling is an issue).

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