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GTA 6! What we know so far!

The fans of Grand Theft Auto VI are cracked up over the game’s release date, which is expected to be released soon.

This October is going to be an exciting month for Rockstar Games fans as the game developer announced to release of a reveal trailer for Grand Theft Auto VI.

It’s been a while now since the huge game leak that saw videos and images spread all over social media platforms, after which the Rockstar is not more cautious and keeping their cards close to the chest.

While the fans are still waiting for another week, another day for a glimpse of the game, we can assist them by compiling some of the biggest leaks of the game.

The map featured in the GTA VI will be a merger of several areas spread over two main locations – Vice City and Port Gellhorn. It’s pretty clear from the leaks and insiders that the areas of the Vice City map are based on Miami, while Port Gellhorn pulls from Panama City.

According to the leaks, the huge number of new and returning locations, as well as a lot of points of interest that will potentially feature some form of pastime.

Few of the real-world-based locations are as follows:

  • Rockridge (based on Little Havana)

  • South Beach

  • Lake Leonida (likely based on Lake Okeechobee)

  • Grassrivers (based on the Everglades)

Based on the leaked information, it appears that there will be two protagonists in GTA VI Lucia and Jason, who are very similar to Bonnie and Clyde, as they are portrayed as a romantic couple causing chaos across cities via a crime spree.

We’re also unsure about whether we’ll encounter any returning characters from the previous GTA franchise, however, it wouldn’t be a surprise to have some recurring characters from Vice City make cameo appearances.

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