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#WHAT Whispers of DDR5 stretch back to early 2018, however, not much has been announced regarding performance until earlier this year.

Developers are promising some impressive figures for DDR5 and have been quoted saying the latest RAM modules will have twice the performance of today's DDR4-3200 RAM.

"We believe that DDR5 will be able to reach at least 6400Mhz in consumer options"

Image credit: SK Hynix

#WHEN Back in March of 2017 JEDEC announced that DDR5 was being worked on and should be released in 2018. Jumping forward to November 2018, SK Hynix finally announced the first ever DDR5 compliant RAM module, which they in turn said would be available to consumers come 2020.

IDC anticipates DDR5 to account for 22 percent of the total DRAM market in 2021, and 43 percent in 2022. So realistically, even though DDR5 is arriving soon, DDR5 memory kits may not find their way into gaming PCs in a meaningful way for another couple of years.

Then we wait for AMD and Intel to launch DDR5 platforms. When exactly will we be reaping those DDR5 benefits? Well, we could start seeing server-grade DDR5 memory kits later this year (2020). The first ones that hit the market will likely be aimed at the Enterprise applications. Then we will start seeing consumer-grade DDR5 being available around late 2021. This is because both Intel’s and AMD’s next-generation consumer chips slated for later this year will be based on DDR4.

#HOW AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are known for performing better when paired with speedy memory, i.e., compared to their Intel counterparts. Ryzen CPU’s noticeable frame rate increases can be reported in certain titles when you pair them with faster RAM and a high-performance discrete graphics card.

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