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Asus Unveils Massive Threadripper 7000 HEDT Motherboard With 36 Power Stages

(Image credit: Asus PR - TechPowerUp)

Big chips require big power!

Asus has unveiled its first Ryzen Threadripper 7000-supported motherboard: the Pro WS TRX50-SAGE WiFi. The board is aimed at workstation users who don't want to shell out $10,000 for AMD's flagship Threadripper Pro 7000WX chips and features quad-channel DDR5 memory support, five PCIe x16 slots, server-grade IPMI support, and 36 power stages with enough headroom for CPU overclocking.

Asus' new workstation board is large, featuring a non-linear PCB design where the top portion is wider than the bottom. Asus utilizes the board's wide proportions to rotate the CPU socket 90 degrees, enabling the power delivery system to surround the top, left, and right of the board. In addition, the unusual CPU socket orientation also allows the four DDR5 DIMM slots to be rotated 90 degrees, improving cooling performance (via front intake chassis fans).

(Image credit: Asus PR - TechPowerUp)

Asus' unique layout enables the board to come with a beefy 36-power stage power delivery system to aid CPU overclocking. Cooling the power delivery system is three sets of black and silver heatsinks, with the two silver heatsinks (flanking the CPU socket) cooled by two internal fans for extra cooling performance.

For connectivity, the TRX-50 SAGE WiFi comes with five PCIe x16 slots, three of which are Gen 5 enabled, as well as two PCIe Gen 5 capable M.2 slots, a single Gen 4 M.2 slot, and an additional Slim SAS connector for enterprise drives. Wired and wireless internet connectivity comes from two ethernet ports, a Marvel AQtion 10Gbps ethernet port, and an Intel 2.5Gbps port, paired with an unnamed WiFi 6 or 6E card.

The board also comes with server-grade remote management support in the form of an IPMI expansion card. The card lets owners remotely connect their whole system through Asus Control Center Express software or a web UI interface.

Asus' new board is designed specifically for AMD's new Ryzen 7000 Threadripper HEDT parts, featuring up to 64 cores, quad-channel DDR5 memory support, and up to 48 PCIe Gen 5 lanes. For the Ryzen Threadripper Pro 7000WX series, Asus will release an SE version of this board to support AMD's more feature-rich workstation chips.

Pricing and availability are not currently known, but expect this board to be priced similarly to previous AMD HEDT motherboards of the past.

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