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Are you sure ants aren't eating your GPU right now?

Your PC might be infested with bugs, and not only the ones you're thinking about. Reddit users in the US have noticed ants crawling in and on their computers, devouring their GPUs alive.

If you see your system heats up, check it for these pesky creatures because that's how one Redditor found out about their problem. 

The ants were eating the thermal paste and reappeared even after the poster used a hairdryer to blow them out of there and an anti-insect spray.

This is not the first time such an issue has appeared. If you search for "ants" on the r/pcmasterrace subreddit, you'll find disturbingly many stories like this one. Beware that they invade not only GPUs but also hard drives, monitors, modems, and all kinds of electronics.

As PCGamesN noted, red fire ants are a big problem in the US. They are attracted to electric fields, moving toward areas with open electronic switches. "The situation is exacerbated by the behavior of ants when they get shocked by electrical equipment, as they then wag their abdomens in the air, releasing pheromones that in turn attract more ants to the area."

It's pretty hard to get rid of the creatures, so it's best to call special services and isolate your PC if you're unfortunate enough to receive these unwanted guests.

SOURCE: COVER PHOTO CREDIT: Andrey Pavlov / Shutterstock

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